Amateur Radio Software Download Links.


This page contains a selection of radio related programs. The programs can be downloaded from the authors web pages. This way you can be sure of getting the latest versions and any fixes. Also it means I don't fill up my server space and eat into my bandwidth. Screen shots are the version current at the time of setting up these pages.

The main software link from the home page contains direct downloads of programs written by myself.


Ham Radio Deluxe.

Ham radio deluxe is written by Simon Brown HB9DRV & Peter Halpin PH1PH (sk)

It is a complete suite of programs covering everything from rig control, logging, satellite control, maps and a full datamode controller.
The best part about it is, the program is totally free. It is quite a large download, in the order of 40 M-Bytes.

Current stable version 4 SP1

Currently running V4.1 beta (release 1989) This has a totally new version of the satellite tracking module.
Based around the excellent WX Track program by Dr David Taylor.
A new improved logbook module is also promised for next year. Screen shots can be seen on the site forum, and it looks very impressive.


Just Learn Morse Code.

A simple CW tutor. Uses both Koch and Farnsworth methods.

learn morse code


DX Atlas.

More than just a mapping program.
The program can switch to show sunlight/darkness and greyline. Various grids CQ zones etc.
It can also download real time solar data to give HF propagation predictions.

Program can be downloaded as a 30day trial. Required registration after this. Other interesting radio related programs from the same site.




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