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Flowcode is a high level language developed by Matrix Multimedia. The program is "drawn" using flow chart symbols and then compiled and uploaded to the PIC. This is by far the easiest way to write complex programs.

The program takes care of compiling to the assembler code from within the graphical interface.



Program written in flowcode, waiting to be compiled to a pic chip

The above flowcode program performs the same task as the assembler program on the previous page.

The outputs are cleared to zero, then bit 0 is set to 1. The program enters a continuous loop, adding 1 to the variable and outputting to port b were the leds are illuminated. Once the variable reaches 255 (1111 1111 binary) it rolls over to 0 again.

To be exact it rolls to (1 0000 0000) but as the port is only 8 bit it cannot show the 9th bit so it is lost.

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Last Updated - Monday 15-Sep-2008