MKARS 80 QRP Transceiver


How to send CW and fill in the logging program at the same time.


The MKARS 80 is a SSB QRP transceiver for the 80M band. It is supplied as a complete kit containing everything except the knobs.

The radio was originally designed as a project for the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Club.
Details of how they can be contacted to obtain your own version are shown below.

Full instructions for the kit can be dowloaded from the MKARS 80 link shown above.

MKARS ARC Page | MKARS 80 Transceiver

The kit was purchased from the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Club stand at the Leicester Radio Rally held at Donnington Park Exhibition Center on 24th October 2008. The cost of the kit is £45.00.
Unlike most modern designed equipment the circuit does not use any surface mount components. In fact even the connectors and controls are all mounted on the main PCB, so no interconnecting wires are needed.

This page will detail my progress with building the kit. Start date 23rd November 2008.

Follow the links at the bottom of this page.


Full 80M LSB coverage
5 Watts output power
Frequency display with “Huff and Puff” circuit
Modulation monitor – helps stop over modulation
Volt meter – useful for battery operation
DDS VFO option
CW tone oscillator option

Typical Specifications (13.8V supply)

Operating Frequency - 3.5 – 3.8 MHz
RF output - > 5 W
Sensitivity - MDS better than 1 uV
IF frequency - 9.999 MHz
Audio output - Approximately 0.5W
Current consumption - Receive 120 mA (no signal),
Transmit 1.2 amps
Supply voltage - 10 – 16V
Microphone - Low cost electret type
Loudspeaker - 8 Ohm (will work into 4 Ohm

The links below show the build progress as each section is completed.

Unpacking | Prepare To Build | Bag 1 | Bag 2 | Bag 3 | Bag 4 | Bag 5 | Bag 6

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