Current Computer Projects.


I enjoy experimenting with different software packages. This page will be updated when I download and install an interesting package.


Bullguard Backup.

Installed 10th June 2008

Keeping a regular backup of important data is vital to guard against computer crashes etc. CD/DVD & external hard disks all have their place for this. Tape drives are slow and expensive. With the wide availability of broadband connections, an alternative is now available, on-line backup.

You upload you data to a server at some remote location. This system has the disadvantage of being slow, certainly until you have the initial backups uploaded. The software then just uploads what's been changed on a regular basis.

Earlier this year, PC Pro, a computer magazine in the UK, gave a free 6 month trial of Bullguard Backup. I've been using this for about 4 months and currently have about 7.5 Gbytes backed up. The basic package gives 10Gbytes of space.

Other companies make similar programs, some are too expensive and aimed at business customers, some only offer a small amount of space.

Bullguard seemed to be what I wanted, also it can work with more than one computer and it offers a unique interface within windows explorer along with the main interface.

bull main

Bullguard Backup Main Backup Windows.


Now upgraded to a full 2 year subscription for £30.00. Extra space can be bought if needed.

The data servers are in stated as been located in a earthquake and flood free zone. This is in fact somewhere in Denmark.

Filezilla Client.

Installed 30th August 2008

Filezilla is an open source FTP client (File Transfer Protocol).

It is basically a program for moving files from one computer to another over a network.
Most users would use something like this for the files of a personal web page onto the internet server of their FTP. Though they are much more versatile than just that.

This program is freeware and works very well. It receives regular updates and the source code is available to download from the website.

It is currently employed as my main FTP client on both systems.


Filezilla Main Window.



Installed 6th September 2008

Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor. Similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc, except Inkscape is free :).Files are saved using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

The title and menu boxes on the computer page of this site are a very simple example of what can be done with the program.

Inkscape Main Window


Google Chrome.

Installed 15th September 2008

Google Chrome is a web browser. Developed by google, (the search engine everyone uses) to rival Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The program is still in beta, but looks good. It has a simple uncluttered interface, and is generally quicker than Firefox and a lot quicker than Internet Explorer 7.

Check website for screenshots



Installed 18th September 2008

Keepass is a password storage database. It allows all passwords / install codes etc to be securely stored in one place and protected my a master password and for extra security a key file as well.

The program is free and released as open source. Check the website for more details on the security algorithms.


Keepass Main Window


Last Updated Tuesday 07-Oct-2008